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Omar Mustafa  (Region: - Chapter: South)

Omar Mustafa is a staple of the new generation of Dallas DJs. Mustafa operates on a broad pallet of club music from drum and bass to house. His dedication to the culture and audience-focused background allows him the unique ability to adapt each set to the party at hand.

During the later half of 2009, Mustafa began his career working as a promoter with the infamous Afterlife nightclub. He found his love for mixing and began getting bookings fairly regularly. Since then heís had the opportunity to guest DJ for just about every DJ crew in Dallas and at venues across the city such as Green Elephant, Witís End, Beauty Bar.

His dedication goes beyond the art of mixing. Mustafa's start in booking and promotions has given him a unique insight on the amount of work that is put in behind the scenes. When he is not mixing, he can be found out and about supporting the local scene at various weeklies and events most days of the week.

Omar Mustafa is currently affiliated with Motif Dallas and the Dallas chapter of M.I.A. - the largest drum and bass collective in America. Heís a frequent guest at Two:Toneís drum and bass weekly and also the host of Local Support, a radio show on ActiveSessions.FM.

Omar Mustafa's Mixes