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MC Questionmark  (Region: Central - Chapter: Chicago)

In April of 1991, the fateful visit to what has now become an institution and one of the starting places of the drum 'n' bass scene was made. Sunday Roast was held one a Sunday afternoon from noon 'til six pm, in time to get you home for Sunday dinner. Question Mark made his first pilgrimage to the event at its original location in Linford Studios. It was here that he first heard the sounds of MCing through veteran MC, Moose. There was an immediate connection to this medium for Question Mark. It was the musical direction he was leaning towards the strongest.
At Sunday Roast was the first time he heard drum 'n' bass heavy hitters, Fabio, Grooverider, Jumping Jack Frost, DJ Ron, among others. The Jungle Fever dances at the Edge Club in Coventry, England were another source for inspiration. Pirate radio stations fueled the new fascination even more. Taping programs from these stations and bringing them back to Los Angeles, Question Mark took the sounds of MC Det, Randall, Kool FM everywhere with him. His friends kept him supplied with fresh music by sending him tapes regularly.

MC Questionmark's Mixes